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School isn't compulsory despite what we are often lead to believe! Home schooling is hard work but has a number of tremendous benefits. We would thoroughly recommend considering it for any child.

For many years Hannah & Josh were ‘home-schooled’ (much to the envy of many of their friends!). It seems a long time ago that we did it as they have both now finished, have gone through university and are busy at work. We  all thoroughly enjoyed it. If you were to ask ‘Would you do it again’, the answer would be a definite yes!

We had been considering doing it for some time before Amy and Daniel were diagnosed as having Sanfilippo Disease (back  in 1995). With the added pressures that their condition put on us as a family we made the decision to start home schooling for Hannah and Josh, while Amy & Daniel continued at a local special school (where Dave is still a governor).

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School is not compulsory!